Problems with the Keep

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I'm having some problems with the Keep.
They are:

1.)I've had some of my Text Child entries become replaced with random characters or what looks to be like in some cases giberish text merged with Charater Designer Text. I lost some of my Nexus campaign data due to this. I made a back up of my database, which has preveted me from losing permanely any other data, but I'm still having Text Entries become messed up.

2.) I've made a 2 page character sheet, but the 2nd page of the sheet doesn't show up in the Keep. I'm also having some problems when ever I update a character sheet, as the Keep wants to use the old version or I'm just getting a blank screen for the sheet.

I've done a complete install.

3.) Also, is there a manual 1.01c patch that doesn't require an internet connection and using the auto updater?



  • To clarify, these are problems with text fields on character sheets, and not a problem with text entries in the keep. Correct? Off the top of my head I dont know whats causing that. Its been reported a couple times but I've not yet been able to reproduce the problem. Definiately try the update to make sure you have the latest.

    For updating, you can either use the web-based updater, or re-download the program from whichever retail you purchased it from and re-install it. Re-installing wont overwrite your database.
  • Thanks. It isn't the text enry fields that became messed up. It is the text entries in the Keep. They seem to be linked to the character sheet problem. Example I have a text entry in the Keep for a bibliography of sorces I'm using. That became messed up last night, fortunetly I had that text typed up in another file and in my 2 exported versions that one isn't messed up.
    I tried to send an email to the support email address of the 2 character sheets I was using and 2 diffrent exported versions of the databases, but I think it may have bounced. I can resenend all that in seperate emails if the possible bounce was caused by the size of the attachments. The total sive for all the files was about 6 MB.
    Nice to know that the installer has ben updated to 1.01c. The version I was using was the 1.01c test onee. I do an unistall of the Keep and do a clean one with the 1.01c unstaller and see if the fixes things.
  • If this is the actual text entries getting altered, what I'd recommend is checking your drive to make sure its ok. Particularly if you are running off of a usb drive.

    If thats not the problem, please post a screenshot of what the contents of the text fields look like after they get garbled.

    Please dont email databases or large files right now - the support address has a limit on file size attachments.
  • I checked the drive and it is find. I did a complete install on my computer. I'm using Windows 7 32 bit version. I had been using the Keep for weeks with out any problems.

    I made some acreen shoots of the messed up text entries in the Keep.

    Some comments on each of them are bellow.

    Image: KeepProb1.png

    Witheriesta was a text entry in the keep for the background, notes, etc. for a pistol. The text that is in it now also showed up in several other text entries in the keep tht got messed up. All these entries were texy ones in the keep. The problems were first noticed and started after instaling a new charater sheet and updating an old one. When selecting to make a new child and chosing a charter sheet these text entries that were fine for weeks became messed up.

    Image: KeepProb2.png

    The Storm was a text entry in the Keep that had a player's version of a background event specific to the setting. All the text has become replace with what you see in the screen capture. This text entry was fine for several weeks, it became messed up like the previous one when a new charater sheet was installed and an old one was updated.
    Note the text that replaced it seems to indicate that the issue is connected to the installing the new character sheet.

    I did some further testing and the 2 page new character sheet that was added that doesn't want to work with the Keep. It does open and work with the CS Viewer. Even if a clean install is done and the files in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\NBOS\KeepCM are replaced and your using a brand new database this sheet doesn't work other earlier versions of it that have diffrent names don't want to work either. The one page version of the sheet does work. What ever that i causing the text enry problems and the character sheet ones is connected to when I installed the new character sheets. I've attached copies of the character sheets I was using with the Keep.
  • ok, I found a problem w/ character sheets that have a '.' in their name (other than for the file extension). That could lead to some unknown behavior by causing the sheet not to load. I cant confirm that this is what is causing the problem you've seen, but its definately my lead suspect.

    The easiest thing to do to work around this problem is rename the "Nexus Character Sheet 1.0.csd" to something else, such as "Nexus Character Sheet 1.csd". And then let me know if this keeps happening.
  • Hey Ed,
    I renamed the sheets and delted any character I had made with the old ones.

    For the new sheets I actually remade them completely from the ground up to make sure no other problems got into them. They still are the same, just fixed some minor things. Like the font for one text entry and resized the 2 logos in them.

    I was able to get the character sheets to display correctly in the Keep. Page 2 of the Two Page version shows up now.
    I retyped up all of the charaters that I delted onto new sheets.

    The new Sheets are titled "Nexus Character Sheet One Page" and "Nexus Character Sheet Two Page"

    So the "." in the name was causing the majority of problems.

    However, this morning I had a Text Entry in the Keep become messed up again. I also got a couple of Acess Violation errors when I was switching between NPCs. I took a screen shoot of the last error messege I got.
    When every I got an error messege I closed down the Keep. No files became messed up till this morning with the one text entry in the Keep did. I did have what looked like text being cut and pasted in a few of the text entry fields of my NPCs. These just required me to clear the field with the backspace key.

    The text entry that becamed messed up looks like messed up screen shoot of the KeepProb2.png I posted earlier. I do have a back up copy of the text entry that became messed up. So no data was lost that I can't replace. If you do navigate to the messed up entry it slows the computer down and almost freezes the program till it displays the entry.

    I get no problems when I'm making just text entries in the Keep or just updating exhisting text entries. Just trouple when I go to use character sheets.

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