Keep + IPP + flash drive = not working?

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Right, simple question. I installed Keep on a flash drive, and IPP generators didn't show up. I tried to install IPP to the flash drive in the same folder as (/nbos/...) and now the generators show up on the pc I did the install on, but not on the rest of the pcs I use. How do I add IPP functionality to a portable Keep?



  • Not 100% sure on this, but try running inspiration pad pro once (on the laptop/computer in question) and then run The Keep. I ran into something similar where I had just installed The Keep in portable mode (to a USB stick that already had IPP on it) and it wouldn't detect the IPP directory.

    I believe that InspirationPadPro makes some use of the registry, and when The Keep is launched, it checks the registry for the location of IPP. The reason I suspect this is that the portable installation of TheKeep is looking at the IPP directory on my hard drive instead of the IPP directory on the USB stick it's on when I run it from my desktop.

    [edit: Okay, here's what I can figure out: The Keep looks for where Inspiration Pad Pro was LAST run from on the computer in question. If you have two different installations of IPP accessible and The Keep is looking at/for the wrong one (or none at all), run the one in the right directory once (and then close out of it) and then run The Keep. You should only have to do this once per computer. you do NOT have to manually install IPP or The Keep on each computer]
  • In addition to what Kitsune said, you can also add IPP generators as items in the folders, just like any other file. If you add them in this way, it'll be stored within the database and available on any machine. You'll want to do this with self-contained generators that dont rely on external files (use File -> Export Table to create a self-contained generator)
  • Kitsune -> Thanks, that did the trick!

    Ed -> I like to keep my generators in IPP as many of them use several files, and most are multi-purpose so they wouldn't make much sense if added under some other topic :)


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