RPG Virtual Tabletop

Awhile back I converted the RPG VT pages to a wiki, unfortunately this was abused as I foolishly made it an open wiki.

I have now got the bones of the site back up as a more "secure" wiki, and having more time available, will be able to keep on top of the site.


  • Ratings are now added, so go vote for ScreenMonkey!
  • I have sent out a list of questions to all the VTs on The VTs page and will post the answers over the next few weeks. The list of those that have sent in answers so far can be seen here.

    The first to be posted is the MapTool Mini Interview.

    I have also changed the voting widget, devinnight has provided the custom graphics and once this new rating overtakes the old, I will remove the old.
  • I am in the process of compiling a visual VT Comparison Chart and need screenshots to show off ScreenMonkey.

    The current headings are: Chat style, Dice Manipulation, Dice Output, Turn Manager, Character Sheet, Audio Player, Movie Output, Fog of War and Vision

    I am making gifs for multiple images, if you have any suitable images then please forward to me.

    Also if you can think of any other suitable headings then please let me know.
  • Recent updates to RPG VT:
    "Real World" accessories to enhance your VT play.
    More and more map developers are embracing the VT crowd with their products.
    A Visual VT Comparison Chart is a work in progress, *you* can help by forwarding images of your favourite VT.
    And remember if *you* have any favourite accessories / VT aids, that you would like to share then please post at RPG VT! :)

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