Feature Request

Is it possible for The Keep to remember the position you have set for the Dice Roller and Search (i.e., if I've collapsed them) the next time you open it? Additionally, is it possible to add a Search button to the navigation area?

I know it's a very minor point, but I never use the Dice Roller and, being on a netbook, my screen space is at a premium. Having the option to auto collapse those areas and have a search button would make things look a little nicer on my screen.

Like I said, very minor, but if it's possible that would be great. Thanks.


  • I wanna vote for this option too. I am in the same boat...I use a netbook and I don't use the dice roller or search so collapsing them as a default would be great. :)
  • +1! I don't really care about dice roll nor search pane as I have actual dices and know 95% of time where is what (^_^)

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