[NeedHelp] Turned text "invisibel" :((

Hello Forum-Members,

I am a helpless ape in urgent need of help. I use FM8. Which I like. But somehow, I managed to screw something up and now the text and lines seems to be "invisibel". It is not about the size, as far as I see it. I think I somehow managed to turn the color to white (on white ground) but I cannot find a way to change the colour back to black. And yes, I readed the HELP/F1. I am somehow clueless. :oops:

Please, please,please, PLEASE help me!


  • Place a new bit of text on the map. Select it. Then use Edit -> Select by Example -> Same Object Type from the menu. That will select all text on your map. Then set the color like you would on any object, using the color bar at the bottom and ensuring that you dont have a clear fill set.
  • Hi!

    thanks for your reply. I got it now, thank you!

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