scripting plugins help needed

I've modified a few of the built in plugins to do some things I like, but I'm limited by my lack of scripting skill.

Does anyone know of a resource I could use to learn the Goblin Api?

I started by messing with the samples included in the plugins directory, but it seems to limit the files available in the scripts to specific file types. For example, I wanted to change the Dungeon Room custom tool to use one of my png fillpatterns from a subdirectory of fillpatterns and i could not until I converted it to a bmp and moved it to the fillpatterns root. Other scripts only allow FMP file types, but not different directories. Surely there is a way to access different file types and different directories, but I can't seem to find a clue.

My real goal was to try to make lines that used fill patterns instead of solid colors, but no love. The purpose being to quickly create a dungeon room with lines that look like wall material. Then I would be able to use a rectangle tool that had lines of "wall material" and quickly fill it with a flooring fillpattern to make a dungeon. The current method of solid color lines sort of ruins the look of the map and invisible lines lack the wall effect.

Currently I am copying the shape, converting the fill of the copy to clear, making the line the width I want, and increasing the transparency so the wall is a darker color of the same fillpattern as the floor. It works, but I know I can make so much quicker with a script.

Thanks for any input on finding a tutorial or making the plugin I need,



  • Ed might chime in here with some secrets I haven't discovered yet, but I don't believe that FM8 supports line objects with bitmap fill patterns. However, that doesn't mean that you can't achieve your goal. We make bitmap-filled walls regularly. Use these steps:

    1. Decide how thick you want your pseudo-line object to be. In this example I'll use 6 inches.

    2. Temporarily set the grid at 0.5 by 0.5 feet. Make the grid visible. You do that with the menu options Maps and Grids.

    3. Then use the menu options Maps and Snap to Square Grids.

    4. Pick the desired Fill Pattern.

    5. Use the Rectangle tool.

    6. Draw your walls or other filled objects.

    7. When you're done, reset your grids as desired and turn the Snap to Square Grids option off again.
  • Nice tip Mark. Might even be easier than the strategy I worked out. Here's the process I came up with:

    Create footprint.

    Combine polygons into a single object.
    Clone another object (to use later for the floor).
    Use a shape tool to draw out rooms leaving the walls behind.

    Select all the objects.
    Combine polygons- Subtract.

    Bevel, drop shadows.

    Move over your floor.
    Fill with flavor.

    1.jpg 50.4K
    2.png 82.6K
    3.png 35.5K
    4.png 94.9K
    6.png 383K
  • Oh, and if anyone is looking for the Goblin api reference doc, its available in the NBOS download section:


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