Post to ScreenMonkey not working?

I am posting to screen monkey and I am pretty sure I have the posting configuration set correctly.
I am using ScreenMonkey ite 1.5d and when I click the button in Fractal Mapper 8.10f I don't get an error.
ScreenMonkey shows a player (TheGM) as logged in after clicking that but the map doesn't show and the old map remains.
Any thoughts?



  • Are you running SM as administrator? You might need to do that. (or possibly try in XP mode)
  • Thanks for the reply. I have just managed to get it working.
    I think it didn't work when I had the GM password the same as the player password.

    Now I only wish FractalMapper would allow me to post to ScreenMonkey such that the size of the map image posted would be the exact size to have the gridslines (and npc icons) matching gridline configuration in Fractal Mapper.

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