Getting rid of the character sheet highlighting.

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I am getting into using the keep and I really love it... but I hate pink. When I load character sheets into the keep it highlights all of the field with sickening pink. Also, if it is a character sheet that I have already filled out (like for an NPC or something) I'd prefer to just have a normal view.I know in the character sheet viewer I can turn the highlighting off and have a nice plain looking character sheet on my screen (so I only have to stare at the pink while I am making a character sheet). Is this possible in the keep, or can I change the color of the highlighting? I have looked around and can't seem to find anything that indicates that I can make these changes so I think I am pretty much stuck. Still, if I am missing something some help would be appreciated.


  • Alas, no, I dont think that can be changed. I'll make a note of that though, for future builds.

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