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I've been having an issue with the word processor in The Keep. When I add hyperlinks to a document sometimes after testing when I go back to the document its total gibberish. Its REALLY frustrating after you've created a bunch of shortcuts and have everything laid out then you lose the whole document.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? What can I do to fix this?

On another note, when adding shortcuts to specific pages of a PDF file, it would be nice if The Keep would remember the document I had just linked from. Often times it seems to randomly select another document all together and requires more time and mousing than it should.


  • I don't know about the garbage hyperlink text...I have not seen that one. Enter the exact steps to repro and the text and maybe we can throw out some suggestions. :)

    The other one I have an idea what is happening. I THINK when you highlight text then setup a hyperlink The Keep tries to "help" by looking for the entry that best matches the text that you highlighted. At least that APPEARS to be what happens.

    NOW...saying that...I agree with you. I would much rather have it default to the last entry especially if it is a PDF file.

    Another thing that frustrated me at first is that when you setup a hyperlink it destroys the formatting changes you made to the text. For example, I link the headers in my entries to headers in a PDF module. If I make the header bold then larger THEN add the hyperlink it removed the bold and larger font. The trick is to make the font changes after the hyperlinks. ;)

    Good luck! :D
  • There's no reported problems like you are describing. Are you using the latest version of The Keep (1.01c, I believe)? I know one of the updates changed something relating to linking. Also, are you running this off a USB drive?

    The best thing to do is send info to the support email address describing exactly what you are doing when you see the data get corrupted.

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