Raster Flood Fill?

I've searched through the forums, and I've done an overall Google search, yet I cannot find documentation anywhere that would explain why my copy of Fractal Mapper 8 has raster flood fill rather than vector flood fill.

It's the vector flood fill that I need.
Anybody able to help?


  • The flood fill in FM is a vector based flood fill. Try using it.
  • Oh, I see the confusion. the tool-top over the tool has a typo. It is in fact a vector based fill.
  • Interesting.

    The actual function of the flood fill is not what I expected. When I fill a polygon, the fill zone is not precisely the same shape as the area being filled. It is always offset by a few pixels, especially when zoomed out, and this is with the border set to the same color as the interior of the polygon. In other words, it does what I would almost expect from a "raster fill". The effect is magnified when I click "raster flood fill" multiple times over the same polygon. You can watch it bleed over the edge in a particular direction.

    How do I fill a polygon to the EXACT same specs as the polygon itself, without any offset?
  • The flood fill acts like a regular flood fill, filling until a color edge is found. It then converts the filled area into a vector based object that can be moved around like any other object on the map. Since comparing colors is distinctly a pixel based operation, it works against the pixels that are on screen. So it will never duplicate the exact object, since it will only fill up to but not including the lines that define the edge. When it does that, its doing exactly what its supposed to be doing.

    What it sounds like you are trying to do is fill in only the area where where, say, more than one polygons overlap. To do that, make copies of the polygons, use the various combine polygon options to make the shape you want, and then set the resulting object's fill and line color like you would on a normal polygon. Thats not something you'd use the flood fill for.

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