Keep 2.0 - Wish list / Feature Requests



  • I see that this has already been requested in the wishlist, but I would like to add another 'vote' for this feature:
    Increased bullet point/outlining capabilities in the text editor.
    Being able to at least indent bullet points to "nest" them should be included. Other nice features such as changing the bullet point symbol style change on indent or using progressive numbers or true outline style would be a bonus.

    I do lots of outlining with 'nested' bullet points in my documents, and being unable to do this is frankly annoying. Because of this I seriously considered abandoning the product.

    I'm glad I didnt, because due to using The Keep I have been able to coordinate and organize my scattered resources and campaign project like never before.

    I have adapted to this issue by revising my structure, or copying and pasting my points from Word (interestingly they paste just fine) or by keeping the word documents and attaching them.

    Thank you.
  • Any word as to when we might see an update or added functionality to The Keep?
  • Some things I am holding out for:
    • The ability to align images in text / wrap text around images (already mentioned last year and don't know if its in, but this is a big one for me).
    • Calendar, preferably the ability to show months or weeks with boxes for each day so I can see short notes, and select a day to have it expand into a text editor field to show /edit details.
    • Option for ordered lists (bullets, numbers, letters).
    • Ability to tag character sheets and/or other documents for search results (for example, if I want to search my characters for all spellcasters without searching for clerics, wizards, etc as separate key words, I can just tag them as "spellcaster" for searching).
    • Sound board - ability to play mp3 and wav sound files, preferably with the ability to assign specific files to user defined buttons for frequently used sounds.
  • Hi,

    i'm testing right now this software. Looks cool. But as it has been a year or so since the last update, I wonder if it is still a live software. Any news about a soon-to-be-published update of the Keep? Because it looks like a good and useful software, but some improvement would be welcome.

    As : Tags (for a quicker search), linked page (a child that can be a child of different nodes), custom calendar (heaving the game date is often more important than the real date, both could be a plus).

    More to come when I'll use it a little bit.

  • One thing I have always wanted to have in my Keep is databases with printing functions. I would love to have databases of Spells, magic items, gear, magic item abilities, mutations, encounters, adventure locations, vehicles, etc. Ideally these databases could be printed out using the Character Sheet program. I would make the final form layout in the CS program with fields tied to the database so that I can choose HOW i want output to look. Then I could use my Keep to handle everything for my game ever. :)

    I would be willing to rebuy the keep for this feature alone!!!!

    Mr Rachael Strange
  • I like all the calender ideas, and I agree a somewhat customizable one size fits all would be the easiest.

    I am still very new, and still behind the learning curve ATM, so I have nothing at add
  • I would like to see a player version or a means to send to players stuff. Such as a Campaign Player's Book, Handouts, NPC log, Rumors, and other such items. Ideally something I could attach to an email that would install and/or update the player's Keep with my campaign/game database patch.

    In an ideal feature I'd click/select what I want my players to get from me then hit 'send' and it would bring up my email client with my player's emails already in place ready to go.

    This would work awesomely with online gaming.

  • A feature set deals with tabs.

    Bookmark tabs and tab sets.

    have option to reopen last set of tabs.

    and a method to have tabs open inside of different databases.

  • I know that 2.0 is out but thought I'd toss in some wishlist ideas, though do enjoy the program. ^_^

    I also think a custom Calendar would be awesome but the main reason that got me to post is the wish for just a integrated ruler when viewing FM8 maps without having to open FM8. Would have less programs open on game night.

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