Single-line text fields on multi-page character sheets

edited September 2011 in The Keep General
I've got a small visual problem with editible text fields that are NOT multi-line in Character sheets that are multiple pages (the one I'm looking at has 5 pages).

On a single-page sheet, both multi-line fields and single-line fields behave correctly, turning green while I'm editing them.
On a multi-page sheet, only multi-line fields behave correctly, while single-line fields do not turn green and display the text while I am editing it, pretty much requiring me to resort to either notepad copy-paste or using the Character Sheet Viewer outside of TheKeep to get the fields filled out consistently without typos.

The Character Sheet Definition file that's giving me issues is attached (it's a more verbose variant of the Mekton Zeta character sheet, and was actually the first full-blown definition file I completed). I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, if that's a factor (I have figured out how to get TheKeep to recognize Character Sheet Definitions to where I can add them as a child)

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