Android keep ?

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With the new tablets (like Ipad or Acer Iconia and so on), there are new ways of using digital device in RPG. But there's no good software on Android to really help a DM. With the dropbox solution given in another thread, it would be nice to have, at least, a good "the keep" file reader under Android (if not the whole program). Would you consider that in the future ?


  • I agree. I love my Andriod but lament the fact that there isn't really anything useful for DM's on the platform. Tying into the keep or some other sort of Android DM app would be great.
  • I would also love to see an Android app for The Keep!

    I come up with a lot of RPG ideas while I'm on the go. Right now, I have to jot them down in my Android phone's Evernote app, then copy them to The Keep later when I'm at the computer. It would be awesome to be able to directly edit The Keep entries in the Droid!
  • Or tie the program into evernote. I use that all the time too.

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