AS3 Surface Generation

In AS2, when a surface was created, a dialog popped up where one could customize the colors. AS3, because it automates the surface generation process, skips this step.

I realize that the Preferences option allows one to change the colors, but that appears to simply change the default colors, whereas I'd like to be able to still select the colors on an individual planet basis.

Is that possible?

Hopefully, the answer isn't to go into the Preferences to select the color scheme as each planet is created...


  • There's no way to edit the colors before the planet map is generated, since its being done automatically. But if you select 'edit surface map', the map will be displayed in FWE, and you can alter all the colors there.

    When you press 'save', the FWE file will be saved directly into the .astrodb file. Then just click to another planet in the system data display and then back to the first, and you'll see the updated map. Since that map is stored in the .astrodb file, it wil be used instead of a generated one anytime you click on that planet.
  • That'll woik...
  • Well, now that I've taken a gander at the Edit Surface Map dialog, I see that it is far more complex than what I'm trying to get.

    Basically, I just want to change the low altitude color and the high altitude color, with the system creating the progression of colors between the two. Like the vertical progression seen in AS2's surface generator.
  • If you use the Map Options window in FWE, thats exactly what it does. The gradient is on the right side of that window.

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