Pasting Chinese characters into The Keep

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I can't figure out how to paste Chinese characters into The Keep. Chinese characters pasted from all the sources I've tested (web pages, MS Word docs, Notepad, Evernote) always come out as questions marks (????????)

I tried first converting the Chinese text to Unicode before copying. No luck.

I also tried converting the Chinese text to the Chinese character set GB2312... still no luck.

Any suggestions?

N.B. If I set the font in The Keep to a Chinese font (SimSun) and select font script as CHINESE_GB2312, then I can TYPE Chinese text into The Keep no problem. Text thus typed can be cut & pasted. But would like to be able to paste blocks of text from other sources.


  • Unfortunately the Keep is not designed to handle unicode text. I thought it could handle pasted unicode, but apparently not (that may have been Fractal Mapper I was thinking of).
  • I just stumbled upon a weird work-around for this problem.

    If I copy a Chinese text (say, a Wikipedia article like this one: and paste it directly into The Keep, all of the Chinese characters turn into question marks (e.g. ?????)

    HOWEVER, if I first paste the text into MS Word, then copy the text from Word and paste it into The Keep, all of the Chinese characters are preserved!

    [N.B. This seems works for ANY foreign script -- Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc]

    It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but at least this way I can paste Chinese text into my Keep entries.

    If someone can figure out a more direct route of pasting Chinese into the Keep I'd be very appreciative!

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