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Oh k, so I used to have IPP on my old computer last year, before it went out in january. I finally got a new computer a couple months ago, and ipp was one of the first programs I downloaded. It was always very useful when I was writing, but when I started it up, I saw that the two generators that I used the most were gone. "US Male Names, and US Female Names". I was wondering why these two generators aren't on the list anymore, and if there was anywhere that I could find them again.

Thank you. :D


  • I thought they did ship with ipp2, but I guess not. They are useful generators.

    Anyways, here they are. There's three files here, its noted below where to put them. (relative to the ipp2 install directory)
  • Thank you very much. Two things though, first, with the us male, and us female names, when I use them, all the generated names say "missing"... The "US Names" one works though.

    And second, when I open up the ipp folder, there's a lot of generators in there that aren't actually in the programs dropdown menu. Such as all the ones in the "\nbos\InspirationPadPro\Tables\Common\nbos" folder. As well as a few that I downloaded from the site. What's up with that?
  • Heh, I think I figured it out. I didn't have ipp 2, I had what looked like a mobil version or something, where all the generators were selected from a drop down menu, instead of the list on the left... odd... Thank you though.
  • I do still have the "(missing)" problem with a lot of the downloaded generators.
  • You probably had version 1 of IPP.

    The \Common directory is for shared files used by the generators. They are not supposed to show up in the list of generators because they are not complete (and will generate a lot of '(missings)' if you run them). The \Generators directory is for generators meant for users to run.

    The generators I posted work ok - you just need to install them into the correct directory as listed above next to each download link.

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