Blank Chat Screen

When I start up Screen Monkey as the GM and click on Chat, I get a blank screen. There are a couple of lines on the edges, and a chat command prompt, but there are no dice buttons or anything else. Is there anyway I can correct this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
I am running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, my version of Screen Monkey is version 6g. Edited to add machine and SM information.


  • Try running SM as administrator. Its possible its having trouble writing files if being run as a normal user, and thus its not generating the html file for chat. You can also try installing SM into a directory outside of the program files directory.
  • I actually did both. I installed it into another directory, a directory outside of Program Files when I first installed it, and have run it as an administrator. I still get the same result. I remember a number of years ago, this was a problem that was addressed in the older Forums, but I cannot find them anywhere. I have updated the program to the latest version, and the problem persists. I'll keep checking the security settings. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • Is there a box where you can enter in text and a 'say' button? Or just the border?
  • There is just the border, but there is a place to put in chat and a say button, but nothing else. Sorry I was so late, getting back.
  • I downloaded and installed the new 1.8 Screen Monkey Lite and I am still having the same problem. The chat screen is still blank. At this point I really don't know what to do. I know that there was a fix, but I saw that on the forums Years ago. About 2005 or earlier. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  • This is just a bump to update this. I still don't have any idea on how to fix this problem.
  • I am still researching this. I haven't found anything yet.
  • Still haven't found anything to fix this.
  • I still haven't been able to resolve this issue. I even tried uninstalling Screenmonkey, deleting the directory and reinstalling ScreenMonkey Lite 1.8, and I still have the same issue.
  • Honestly, I have no idea what causes that. Can you post a screen shot perhaps? I just want to make sure I understand what you are seeing.
  • This is what the screen looks like for the GM. The chat screen is totally blank. No dice or anything. The player chat screen isn't blank like this.

  • That looks right. Does the chat work? Did you try adding buttons like it says?
  • Yes I did, I can create the buttons. How can I make the buttons I make stay between sessions so that I don't have to recreate them every time I start a game? I get the same blank screen every time I start ScreenMonkey.
  • You'd have to edit the html template for the gm's chat to add the buttons in. Its a file called chatgm.htm, and is located in /Campaigns/default (under where SM is installed). You'd add a snippet of HTML that would look something like this:
    <input type=submit value='button text' onclick="chattext.value = 'text you want to send when clicked'; submitChat()">

    Place that inside the <div> called 'dicebuttons'.
  • Thank you very much for your help.

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