System Diagram Views

In AS2, when looking at a system diagram, I was able to zoom in to get a closer look at a system's inner planets. This was very useful for systems with an outer planet with a very large orbit.

But, I've not seen a Zoom option for the system diagram in AS3.

Is there one, but I've not found it or is there not a Zoom option available?

If one is not available, are there any plans to add it? If not, I'd like to make a suggestion to add a Zoom ability to the system diagram views.


  • You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, just like you can do in the 3d sector view.
  • Hmm.

    That's what I was doing, but nothing happened.

    Let me try it again, now...

    OK, the mouse wheel - well, in my case, since I'm using a touch pad, the little stripe on the right side - makes the Sector View zoom in to expand the sector. So, that works. Now to try a system diagram...

    Nope. Doesn't work. What it does, is, as soom as I run my finger along the stripe, the cursor jumps over to the scroll bar on the System Data box and scrolls that window.

    This touch pad did fine in AS2 - but, to verify that something hasn't changed regarding my touch pad, let me pull up AS2 and make sure it still works there...

    OK, pulled up AS2, generated a random sector, picked a system with a name - to ensure there were contents - selected it, pulled up the System Diagram and used the strip on my touch pad to zoom the view. It worked fine.

    So, there's not a problem with my pad.


    I brought up AS3 to try again, and it worked. I wonder if there's something to do with starting AS2 that reset some .ini file, or something.

    Well, whatever it was, it works now. Though, I don't know what may have been done to fix it.

    But, thanx for your help!

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