Yet another new FM8 Tutorial

Silverleaf has done another excellent new, free tutorial, this time a 15-page PDF case studying showing how to make an archipelago with FM8. It's based on a real archipelago in Venezuela. You can get it at:


  • Hiya guys,

    Thanks for the thread exposure Mark. 8)

    It's funny really that someone that can't swim a lick and is scared to death of water (true that), finds so much beauty in islands and deep water. This particular archipelago absolutely sung to me when I first saw it - so this project was a ton of fun for me to do.

    My grandest hope was that when it was finished it at least looked fairly accurate and realistic - but my major concern was that the instructions I created were clear enough to aid in designing the palette which I think is the critical point for this particular project. Lastly I was mainly concerned with including just enough details in pictures that the reader sees what I'm doing, but isn't bogged down by too much, or too little detail.

    One thing I've quickly discovered with FM8, with a little bit of knowledge, you have a ton of tools at your disposal that can quickly take a concept you have and make it look really classy.

    Hope it helps,


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