Bug? Renaming systems drops them from routes!

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I just renamed a system that was connected to others by routes that I imported via a CSV file, and the routes connecting it to the other systems disappeared! It seems that the names of the systems that are listed in routes are fixed and don't update if the system name is altered, which causes the routes to disappear!

Also, if I change the name of the system back to what it was, the routes don't reappear!

Surely the names should be updated dynamically so that wherever whatever they're referenced from doesn't get broken when they're changed?! Is there a way around this?


  • *bump* can anyone answer this please?

    It seems a bit ridiculous to have to recreate all the routes if I rename my systems! Is there another way of doing this that I'm somehow missing that doesn't mess up the routes?
  • Routes are connected to systems based on their unique ID, not name. I just tested renaming bodies on routes with both generated systems and systems imported via csv and it all worked as it is supposed to. It may have something to do with the specific csv you are trying to import, or some particular action you are taking in the program.

    Please send a csv you are importing to the tech support email address and I will test it out with that file.
  • That makes sense, and that's what I would have thought would be happening. But mysteriously enough I tried doing it again just now and the routes remained! Yet I was doing exactly what I was doing before, which was:

    1) Import the routes via csv file - sample format:

    2) Select the star I want to rename and rightclick it.

    3) Rename the star to Name (number) (e.g. "Osiris (8803)" )

    When I did that before, the routes connecting the renamed star to other stars disappeared. When I did it again just now, it didn't. I'm trying to think of anything different that I did previously, but I can't think of anything. (I've resaved the DB and reopened it, and the routes are still there). To bring the routes back I had to rename the stars to their original names, mass delete all of the routes, and reimport the csv file again. I suppose I could have just recreated the routes individually by hand, but that would have taken longer.

    Very odd. I guess I must have done something wrong somewhere, but I can't think what I could have done. I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again I'll report it. But it happened with two separate stars that I renamed.

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