Lattitude and Longitude

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Anyone have a good method of getting lines of lattitude and longitude on a map? I particularly need the equator, but the others are good too.


  • I can't help you with longitude, because the distance between lines gets ever smaller, the closer you get to a pole, and ever bigger, the closer you get to the equator.

    However, latitude and the equator are relatively easy. First go into map setup and set your unit type to miles. Then dimension your map for whatever number of miles wide and deep that you need.

    After that, open the grids dialog field and set the grid to 700* miles height. In our project group, we don't worry about earth curvature distortion, so we set the grid width to 700 miles too (longitude). After you make the grid height setting, you'll get a map with 10 degrees latitude separtion between grid lines. If you're displaying something less than a pole-to-pole view, decide yourself which grid line reptresents the equator. If you're displaying pole-to-pole. the middle grid line is the equator.

    * For smaller mapping areas, use 70 miles. That will give you latitudal lines at every full degree.

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