IPP and The Keep

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I have a problem using a .ipp in the keep.
The main ipp file refers to external files in specific folders. When I open this file directly with IPP, it works perfectly and read the secondary files. But, under The Keep, all occurences are (missing). Is there something I do wrong ?


  • What version of the Keep are you using?
  • Hello
    I use the 1.01c version.
  • I've had similar problems with IPT files that call external tables (i.e., tables in the Common folder).

    My solution is to export the table in IPP (File -> Export Table). This creates a "bundled" IPT file that contains all external references. You can then add that "bundled" IPT to The Keep.

    Thinking on it, I think this is the right behaviour. Unless there is a way for The Keep to call on the IPP's local Common folder, there's no way it could resolve the calls to external tables. Even if it could, everybody's local Common folder is likely to contain different content.

    That said, perhaps the next version of The Keep could contain a pointer to default Common tables (i.e., the tables that IPP installs).


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