Swords & Wizardry! [Recruiting]

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Anybody interested in playing with an amateur GM? The game is based on first edition D&D so its relatively simplistic and easy to play as well as easy to learn.
Here's all the info I can provide on the game, including core rules, additional skills, and additional classes:
http://mojobob.com/roleplay/swordsandwi ... index.html
http://mojobob.com/roleplay/swordsandwi ... kills.html
Of course, I read through all (or most of it anyway) of this stuff already so I know what's up. I'll be glad to help walk you through anything you might not understand, or help you out with character creation. Its actually quick and painless once you know how.
Let me know if you want to play, or simply make up a character sheet and join in. Its better if we discuss things first so that we can possibly get together at a regular time. Otherwise I'm happy to take a random bunch of adventurer's out to a randomly generated, generically named dungeon each week or more frequently depending on the response I get.
Please use the following skeleton for your character sheet.
Name:	         Str:
Level:	        Dex:
HP:		        Con:
AC:	           Int:
Class:	        Wis:
Main hand:
--dagger [1d4+1]
--dagger [hit+1]
--shield [AC+1]
Ranged: shortbow
	Ammo: arrowsx40
--RoF: 2
--damage: 1d6+1
--range: 50ft

--Leather [AC+2]

List any gear you have

If you have them

Skills per level: based on int
Learned skills:
List any learned skills here

Max Hirelings: based on cha

Sorry, it looked prettier in the text document I used, but for some reason you can't attach text documents...
A few house rules:
You get max hp on the first level (modifiers still apply), you have to roll your hp after that. You always get at least 1 hp per level (so the unlucky sob who has 1d6-1 and rolls a 1 still adds 1 hp)
I'll only be using the resources available on the site I've linked above, and also know your stuff as well as I do when it comes to attack rolls and basic stuff like that. I don't expect you to know every effect of every potion, scroll, or magical item out there, and you shouldn't expect me to either. When it comes time to hand those things out I'll look them up for you.
When rolling anything be sure to use "/roll nDn+modifier" or just use the buttons I'll provide in chat. I'm not too lazy to add +1 to attack rolls or whatever.
Only the party leader will get hirelings, make sure the player with the highest charisma gets that position!
Starting gold is 3d6 x10
We'll be using the ascending AC system
Any player character can use any skill, however, only a character with a learned skill knows how to do it well (bonus to rolls). Please, please, please roleplay before you roll. I may pass you on just roleplay.
When I award exp, its noninclusive of bonuses meaning you must calculate and add your own bonus exp to whatever gains you get. Gold = the same amount of exp. Bonuses to exp do not apply to gold, however.

I think that about covers it. If you're interested in playing leave your character sheet and availability. Thank you!
Oh yeah, if you bothered reading this far, chances are you're interested. The password will always be pw and the game will be titled "Swords & Wizardry" moderated by a guy named Patrick

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