FWE 2.0

Mark got me going on suggestions for new releases - why not include my wishlist for FWE 2.0? ;)

1. Ability to convert to Imperial measurements (for non-sci-fi stuff, I'd prefer to use miles instead of kilometres).

2. Ability to export selected portion of FWE map to FM (i.e., just a continent or sub-continent instead of the entire globe).

3. Ability to export to user-selected FM template (I've had much difficulty resizing/rescaling FWE exports).

4. Addition of Zoom Window tool (or something that lets me click and drag a box for zoomming).

5. Ability to add toggle gridlines in FWE (longitude and latitude in user-defined colour and degree increments).

6. Option for icosohedral view/export (bonus: let us add a hex overlay; it would be great to export this as an image we can paste into Traveller (or similar) planetary templates).

7. Ability to create and save altitude palettes as an external file (and allow re-load of default palette via a button)

8. Climate overlay that lets you view the map by its terrain instead of altitude (again, with a user-defined palette external to the program).

Bonus: create the FWE and FM palette in the same format so they can be seamlessly exchanged. For example, exporting FWE to a FM template would include an option to use the same palette file.

As always, if these are already available, I humbly request that someone might point them out to me. Thanks for reading!


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