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I have noticed that in ScreenMonkey Lite that if you load a LARGE icon in - that the frame doesn't resize with it. Shouldn't the frame resize? Also, in the full blown SM - can you change the grid size? Just wondering. :-)


  • I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say 'frame'. Are you talking about miniatures? Or html containers?

    You can resize the grid in every version of SM - just drag the ruler just above the map to the left or right.
  • The active icon (on SM Lite) has a black line that goes around the icon to show that it is selected. If you load in an icon image that is two or three times the size of the default icons that come with SM Lite what you get is a small black square in the middle of your icon instead of the icon being surrounded by the black line.

    Er....I tried dragging the ruler and it does expand/contract but the grid doesn't change. (This is the current release of SM Lite.) Ah! :-) Ok! First, I had not read anywhere that you could drag the ruler back and forth. Nice feature! :-) But then it didn't work! Sort-of. TightVNC did not update the entire screen and the grid did not change. So - WOW! Great feature! :-)

    I'm uploading an example of what I mean about the frame stuff.
  • Now i'm unclear exactly what you will be mentioning once you point out 'frame'. Are you currently referring to miniatures? Or html storage containers?
    You possibly can resize the grid in most version involving SM -- only drag the leader only previously mentioned the place left or maybe appropriate.

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