Merging Maps

I used AS3 to create some fractal world maps which I then used FWE to export into FMP format.

Inconveniently, one of the major continents was split. The seam for the map texture just happened to fall (instead of in open ocean) across a key continental mass.

As part of mapping out the world for use, I was making submaps of the various key continents.

So I have a submap of my sliced-in-half continent for the East half and for the West half.

Is there any way to merge two FM maps into one? Basically, all I want to do is something like:
a) Take West side map
b) Tell the program the map is X amount larger (presumably meaning I'd get open space on the East side)
c) Merge the East side's map contents starting at the edge of the actual West side's data
d) Save the merged map

Is there any capacity to do this sort of thing either directly within the program or with a script?

It seem like there should be, if there isn't. :)


  • In FWE there's some arrows on the toolbar that let you shift the landmasses left & right. You can use those to position them so that its generating the view of your continents you want.

    There are tools in FM to add objects together (Actions -> Combine Polygons from the menu), but the above would be simpler.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try.

    I just found FWE's 'generate land + water' to recreate the world, although I'm not sure it would respect AS3 database settings for how much water was on the world if I did that.

    If FWE has its own manual, I haven't really found it yet. :?:

    I did, from another thread you answered, get the SQL Lite command line tool and have got in to prod around the DB. There's some mysteries lurking in the interrelationship between tables, but I can see a lot of things I expected to find (not everything, but some things may reside in program code I suppose). :geek:

    So, thanks for answering these sorts of questions. :D
  • kaladorn wrote:
    If FWE has its own manual, I haven't really found it yet. :?:

    Go here:

    If you're interested in doing raster mapping, then go here too:

    to download the book and here:

    to download the necessary support files. Together, the two packages will give you 382 PDF pages containing almost anything you might ever want to know about FM8.
  • Thanks, I'd pulled those just today, but didn't realize (hadn't had time to open them up yet) that they covered FWE as well as FM. That looked like some really good stuff.

    To the original question, the arrows in FWE worked perfectly for me shifting my map and I got it saved back into my sector DB and life is good. The help was dead on the nose, ed_NBOS.

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