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H NBOS: I am really upset right now. I just lost about a days worth of work on my new campaign. I lost so much material that I have to postpone my first session. I was in the Keep working in a text entry. I hit the button to add a new log button. I hit the button and the log appeared. I went back to the text entry and my text entry looked like it did before I started the session. I lost a LOT of material. Seriously thinking of dropping the Keep right now. :( :(


  • Hi John,

    Please send an exact decription of what steps you did to the support address. I've not seen any problems wrt the log entries, but if there is one it'll be fixed.

  • Hi NBOS: I am a QA engineer with over 20 years of experience and if I released code with a bug this huge I would be canned. Here are the details.

    Title - Creating then deleting a log entry immediately after changing a text entry removes all changes to the text entry.

    Steps To Repro
    1. Login to The Keep on a db that has a parent with at least one text entry child.
    2. Open the child text entry. In my case it is a fairly long entry. Add "AAAA" or some new text to the bottom.
    3. Hit Actions then Create Quick Log button.
    4. When the button appears click on the button.
    5. When the text entry appears under the child select it then hit the delete key to remove it. Confirm the deletion.
    6. Return to the child text entry. <<< The text added recently ("AAAA") is gone.

    Expected Results
    Text changes are saved to the db as soon as focus is lifted from the text entry or any action is attempted.

    I can repro this 100% of the time on my client.

    The Keep 1.01c on WinXP Pro with SP3 and all of the latest patches. Admin account.

    Boy this one stinks. :(
    John T>
  • you need to save your work before you leave the window to a new tab/action button. The Keep is a browser based technology so you have to manually save between moves.

  • That's a very old post and doesn't apply to v2. The current version of The Keep has a revision system, so topics don't get deleted or overwritten. Rather, new revisions are created.

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