Vintyri Cartographic Collection

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Only for those who haven't been following the mailing list or checking out Resources on the NBOS website:

The Vintyri (TM) Project has begun releasing under the Open Game License (OGL) the free and open Vintyri Cartographic Collection, which will be a large collection of raster (bitmap) symbols and fills for FM8. All of these are geared toward mapping cities, villages and other settlements, which means first and foremost loads of raster symbols of buildings. The structures are based upon genuine European historical buildings from the Middle Ages. Each product is accompanied by a free PDF booklet.

To date, we've released a Fills & Textures collection and also two symbol sets. In all, the current releases include about 600 symbols and fills, if I recall correctly. You can download them free at the adress in my signature below.

At this address, you also can download in FM8's native FMP format all the maps and dungeon and floor plans from our free and open Dungeons Daring (TM) roleplaying game. These maps all can be loaded in FM8, where you can customize them to your heart's content.

The Vintyri Cartographic Collection is about half finished. There still sre more symbol sets coming, along with an extensive tutorial that will give you tips on how to make raster maps with FM8 and also how to make raster symbols with FM8, with help from the Freeware program Paint.NET.

For those who've never heard of us before, the Vintyri Project is a group that sells nothing and produces no commercial work. All of our products are free and open. Therefore, please don't interpret this posting as being commercial spamming.


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