"Specified Procedure Not Found"

I was running IPP2 perfectly fine for a while, but now I'm getting the above message - "The specified procedure could not be found" every time I attempt to run a generator (any generator). I don't see this problem dealt with elsewhere.

I've downloaded and installed a new copy of IPP2; I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software; still doesn't work. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition, SP3.

Any help would be highly appreciated! :)


  • Well, thats not an error message coming from the program (being generated by the program). If I had to guess, I'd say something changed on the machine itself.
  • AH!

    If anyone else gets this message when trying to run IPP2 - update your version of Internet Explorer. I upgraded to v8 and that solved my problem!
  • Huh, thats interesting. I wonder if there was a patch issued for IE7 at some point or something that caused the incompatibility.

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