Is this possible?

I want to create a subsection on my random encounters table that has a variable dependant on table choice rolled. Let me show you what I mean but forgive my lack of knowledge on the topic as I know its wrong to begin with... I just think I could illustrate it better if I show what I'm looking for.

Table: CombatEncounter
[@CombatEncounterRace] is attacking {$Nemesis} [|hunting party|caravan|lone traveler|warrior].

Table: CombatEncounterRace
An elf [|an ogre|an orc|a goblin|a hobgoblin|a kobold]
An orc [|a dwarf|an elf|a half-elf|a human]

Obviously, the red parts don't belong where I have them... but if I roll "An orc" then how do I get their nemesis into CombatEncounter table above? Is there a way to set a variable on the same line as the CombatEncounterRace results so that each race can have appropriate lists of hated foes? I know I could set up separate tables for each, but I want to do this for a lot of different creature races and would prefer not to create nemesis tables for each.


  • If i understand you correctly, yes, thats pretty easy to do. Assign the nemesis to the race in the CombatEncounterRace table, something like:
    Table: CombatEncounterRace
    [nemesis==orc]An elf

    Use the double "==" so that the variable is assigned, but not output. Then reference the {$nemesis} variable.
  • So if I wanted multiple options, it would go something like this?
    Table: CombatEncounterRace
    [nemesis==orc|ogre|goblin|hobgoblin|kobold]An elf
    [nemesis==dwarf|elf|half-elf|human]An orc
  • And that doesn't work... just spits out all the options I want randomized at the same time.
  • For an inline pick, you'd do something like:
    [nemesis==[|porcupine|orc|elf]] the nemesis is a {$nemesis}
  • Wunderbar!

    I didn't know I could use inline pick brackets inside more brackets.

    Danke Schön.

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