Integration with Astrosynthesis?

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Any plans on allowing us to import planetary maps from Astrosynthesis into The Keep? How about being able to import the planetary data with the map, that would be even better. Just a thought and I'm sure it is far easier said than done.


  • I wouldnt want to support the 3d view in astro, but I had thought about doing some sort of 'search' panel when you add a sector file to the Keep. Basically it'd give you a panel (like the map viewer or word processor) that provided a search box, and would let you search for items in the sector and display contents textually.
  • Being able to search and find planetary data would be a great tool. Would you set it up so that we could add Notes and GM Notes to the planetary records while in The Keep, or would we still have to go into Astrosynthesis to make such additions/edits?

    Although the map would be cool, I can live without that for now I guess. ;)

    The search would be great if you have ship stats in The Keep and then can do a search to see where you had it listed as being in Astrosynthesis. That would be a really cool tool.

    On a similar note, if you could have a characters info on screen in The Keep and be able to do a search to see what planet/ship/spacestation they where on at the moment. That could be a great GM tool, especially when dealing with many NPC's that are on the move.
  • Frankly any degree of integration would be great. In particular the things I would like to be able to do cover..

    . Locating nearby worlds based on current planet and reasonable travel time (jump range, etc.).
    . Bringing up basic detail on a selected system, the sort of thing that the PCs' onboard computer could get them from the basic NavMaps.
    . Integrating to access the in-system travel times dialogue from within The Keep.

    In an ideal world I would like The Keep to handle jump/FTL-travel time calculations for me, but I'm not that demanding. :)

    OT: The Keep is brilliant, it's become a major tool to our gaming group - in particular since we have several campaigns on the go at once and this helps us keep everything in order.

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