Plug-in to determine planetary collisions

No, I've not made such a plug-in; I'd just like to see one. I do not have enough knowledge on how to make a plug-in to even begin and the math is daunting. I just hope that someone else has already written it.

Basically, as I've made systems, I noticed that planetary orbits sometimes cross. Over time, this would probably have resulted in a collision so, in order to have the planets, the orbits would need to be shifted somewhat. It'd be cool to have a plug-in that would do the work automatically...

Since I'm here, that being said, anyone have or know where I can find a tutorial on how to write plug-ins for AS3?


  • Just because orbits cross does not mean a collision will happen. Pluto and Neptune cross paths on a regular basis. It depends on many factors, including distance of the planets from the sun, orbital eccentricity, orbital velocity, and mass of the given planets. Many times what you will find is that the planets are stable due to a phenomenon called orbital resonance. My understanding of Astrosynthesis is that they already took these into account when generating the system.

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