Less than / Greater than / Between

Table: 16
[when]{$age}<10[do]V [end]&
[when]{$age}<11.6 >10[do]IV [end]&
[when]{$age}>11.6<12.6[do]III [end]&
[when]{$age}>12.6[do]D [end]&
In the above code I'm trying to do an age less than 10 as V; between 10 and 11.6 as IV; and between 11.6 and 12.6 as III. Sadly though, whenever I get an age lower than 10 I get the V, the IV, and the III.

Is there a way to do that using the when statements or is there another way of doing it.


  • I believe I have sorted the problem by using the else. I have included the new code below. If anyone has any other way of doing it I would be interested in seeing them.

    Table: 16
    [when]{$age}<10[do]V [else]&
    [when]{$age}<11.6[do]IV [else]&
    [when]{$age}<12.6[do]III [else]D &

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