Need party for dnd 4e Campaign

Me and my friend are starting a new campaign for dnd 4e, but we lack a good...well, we lack a party. So far we have myself as a lvl 2 female human fighter who uses a greataxe, so we need obviously anyone, but hopefully a rogue-like class and a mage-like class...anything will do though! Send me character sheets at:

I will accept the first 3 players willing, and if you need any more info on campagin you want to ask me and i'll ask my friend and get back to you ASAP!

I think we are planning to do a lvl 1-3 campaign so please stick to lvl 2. Hope to get replies from you guys cause we will be starting soon, regardless. We can also discuss when to meet after our party gathers reply here or email me at the email above, i should reply quickly.

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