Selecting multiple systems

I know this is probably something very simple, but I just don't see a way to do it. I know I can select multiple systems by clicking on the star, but often those are hard to find. I can search for specific stars but that will only find the ones with a common property and even then I can only select one at a time. Using shift or ctrl and selecting another just gives me the second selection. What if I wanted to select Sol and Omicron Persei 8? I have no idea how to do that with the natural language filter as it doesn't seem to like "or".

Please help.


  • One very roundabout solution I can see is to place a Marker child body named, say, "Group 1" in each system you want, then using the query builder to search for the name "Group 1" and return root bodies only, which should list each system in which you placed said markers.

    Or you use the Notes or GM Notes fields, in which you enter all groups of systems it belongs to, such as "Group 1 Group 2 Group 5"; the search function can do text searches on those fields (the help file lists the fields that can be searched), searching for "Notes like "Group 1"" which would return all bodies whose Notes field contains the string "Group 1" - see "Searching Text Properties" in the help index.
  • Thanks, Chaos, for describing a way to find multiple systems, but then the question remains how do I actually select them? Once they are listed in the search window I cannot see how to select more than one at a time. shift-click, ctrl-click, alt-click, mouse button2 - none of these work.
  • The "Select All" button in the lower left corner of the search window.

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