Installation problem on Fractal Mapper 7

I am trying to install Fractal Mapper 7 on a Windows 7. When I try to install Fractal Mapper it open a winzip self-extractor and makes an error with a popup saying: "Could not run .\SETUP.EXE /SMS.".

Any idea what to do?


  • FM7 is almost 10 years old, and was developed well before Windows 7. The original FM7 installer used a 16bit installer so that it would work on Win95/98. That original installer, though, wont work on Windows 7. What you can do is use something like winzip to open the installer executable. You might even be able to rename it to .zip and open it that way, but I'm not sure if that works or not. Once you open it, extract the installer files and it should run ok. You might also check on or wherever you purchased from to see if there's a more recent installer. I believe the FM7 installer was changed a few years after release to better support Vista/7.

    The current version, FM8, runs and installs fine on Win7.
  • Hi! Thanks for your answer - I will have a look on the options :)
  • Good idea with winzip - but true the program is probably not compatible! I better go for no. 8 then. Thanks for your answer.
  • lopolla wrote:
    I better go for no. 8 then.

    I sure would recommend that. FM8 is light years ahead of FM7.

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