Freehand help?

So I just finished drawing my continent using the Freehand Fractal tool, but they're just black lines and I don't know how to "make it into land" or "turn the inside white" for lack of better terms. Please state your answers in simple terms because I just got this program today.


  • There's two freehand tools, the Fractal Freehand and the Fractal Freehand Landmass. The 2nd is the one you want to use when making a 'filled' area such as a landmass. The first is for things like rivers and roads, and does not draw a filled object.

    If you havent already, take a look at the tutorial (Help -> Tutorial from the menu) and video tutorials ( )

    I actually generally recommend using the fractal polygon tool at a fractal factor of 4 or 5, and not the freehand landmass tool when trying to duplicate an existing map.
  • Please state your answers in simple terms because I just got this program today.

    That's a reasonable request. I think Ed Diana gave you a starting answer that's easy enough to understand.

    What you might not know - seeing that you just acquired FM8 - is that you also have a mapping program that can do almost everything but that also is unbelievably simple and quick to learn. You can learn the following in a week's time, and afterwards, you not only will really know how to use FM8, but you also will be able to expand it with unlimited tools that will let you make any map that you want to create. All of the following material is free. No investment is involved.

    First of all download the basic tutorial and work your way through it. It takes maybe two days' time. You get it here:

    Once you've down that, you'll be a master of FM8 mapping on vector level. Now go on and learn all the basics of raster mappng with the second tutorial:

    In addition, get the free support pack for the tutorial:

    This second tutorial not only takes you into the deeper levels of FM8 mapping, but it also gives you a road map to tens of thousands of additional free fill patterns and symbols that will give you almost anything that you could want to make your maps.

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