Thoughts on using AS 2

Just got done creating 125 subsectors for a 200 LY map of Near Stars.

Things that I found annoying me about using AS 2.

Edit Subsector screen can't be left open. I need to name 125 subsectors and define their position in the sector as well as set dimensions and then repeat those dimensions to get the grid to show up. And I have to open the Edit Subsector box every single time. Why no ability to authorize the change with out closing the box? Why no ability to set the properties like "Show Subsector grids" and avoid the double entry of three data points for all of the subsectors?

Workflow and the tab key. The tab key will jump the cursor from one box to another in Edit Subsector. Unfortunately it does so in a manner that is not logical and conducive to filling in the data. I would expect it to go down and across each of the areas but it doesn't. Fill in the Name and you then hit the Visible option. After that it is down to the Grid area and the Grid Width box. At least it runs through all of those in order. The Rotation(deg) boxes are next and then Done gets lit up followed by New, Delete and then nothing. The next press of the tab key will bring us to Show Label, Cube and then the Grid Size (X) box. But it won't go to the next one. Instead it goes to Position (X) and then Position (Y)/(Z). Now it goes back to Grid Size (Y)/(Z) and then back to Name. It is the Mad Hatter's Carousel for sure!

Finally I am done with the entry work and I run a Proximity Route routine. I want to pare away several subsectors and look at the 9-27 subsectors in the core of the map. Only I can't because I am limited in how many subsectors show up in the Filter box. Do a Hide All with the intent to open only the core subsectors but there is still a limit on what will display that I can choose from to open. And again the Filter box closes after each choice so that I can't toggle several subsectors with out having to open the subsector filter over and over. Tedious.

There doesn't seem to be any way that I can get views of any of the subsectors that don't make it on to the truncated Filter list of subsectors.

Thoughts any one?


  • Well I found that I can access subsectors 41 through 125 from the Edit Subsector window just like the help article says. Toggle the Visible button and it will show up. Still need to open the window for every subsector that I want to show which is a pain. I may need to do several partial maps of the data just so that I have quicker functionality when I am looking for correlations.

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