How do I work with different layers?

For example:

Let's say I create a snowy background compete with trees and rocks and wish to lock it.

Then, I want to add people and other tokens. Using the move to back function, I wouldn't want it to move behind my snowy background image.

So, can I lock the background image, while I work in different layers?


  • I dont think its layers that you want to work with in this case. Layers are not related to the front-back order of objects. What I would do here is use grouping:

    Select all the objects that make up your background, and group them (Object -> Group)

    Then place your new mapping symbols & objects on the map.

    To send one of the new 'top' objects to the back, select the object, and select 'send to back'. That will place it behind your background objects. Then select one of the background objects. Since they are grouped, all the background objects get selected. Then send those to back.
  • Thank you.

    So, I will create my background and group it and then work from there.

    What is the purpose of Layers then?
  • They are used to group objects that represent similar types of thigns (rivers, cities, etc). Think of them as 'data layers'. There's a page in the help file that describes it.

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