Hi there.

I just got your character sheet designer and it is awesomesauce! :)

Just wondering if there is a tutorial for it since I don't program Java and I want to take advantage of as many features as possible, without programming Java ;)

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work :)


  • Glad you like!

    Its javascript, not java, by the way. They're two completely unrelated languages despite the name.

    There's no tutorial per se as the interface between javascript and the designer is pretty minimal. Any javascript tutorial will show you how the language works.
  • O I C

    Well for example what is Field Source?

    That's the kind of stuff I was hoping to get a tutorial on :)
  • The field source is where you put the calculations for a calculated field. Its just a javascript expression that evaluates to some value. See the help file for a description of it. You can also look at the example character sheets with the designer to see how field sources are used.

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