[Example] Bulk 2D map export

This is a scripting example that demonstrates bulk exporting 2D maps (png's). The script will output a 2D map for each system that meets a selected population requirement (see the script below for how to set that). The 2D maps will be maps of the immediate area around that system.

This requires the latest Astro 3 build, found here: http://www.nbos.com/nox/index.php?action=1001&id=413 , due to the use of the new CreateSector() API function
#plugin		Export 2D maps
#author		NBOS
#desc			Exports a 2d map for specified systems

'exports a 2D map for each populated system greater than PopLimit, 
'displaying all systems within a selected distance of the populated system.

sector = GetCurrentSector()


'be careful with this number on large sectors - it may
'result in thousands of images getting generated!
PopLimit = 10000000  			'population cutoff for generating images
ExpLimit = 20  					'maximum number of images to output, so it doesnt run all night
MapDistance = 10					'distance, in light years, from center body that the map shows
MapShape = 1						'cube or sphere selection.  The shape to use when selecting bodies around
										'the center system.  Only affects body selection, *not* image shape.
										'1 = sphere, 0 = cube

'image options

SavePath = "c:\temp\amsg\"   	'where to save files to, make sure has ending \
ColorMode = 2  					'0 = black & white, 1 = color on white, 2 = full color
ShowRoutes = true  				'whether to show routes or not
ScaleZ = true  					'whether to scale system indicators based on their +/- Z coordinate
ShowGrids = true  				'whether to show grids or not
FontScale = 1  					'font scale factor.  amount to multiply the font size by, can be decimal like 1.5
SystemScale = 1  					'system scale factor. amount to multiple circle for system marker, can be decimal
ImageSize = 4000					'width & height, in pixels, of generated image
Orientation = 0     				'axis orientation, 0 = x/y, 1 = x/z, 2 = y/z

'Do the image generation
ExpCount = 0
n = sector.SystemCount
For i = 1 to n
	sector.selectall false
	b = sector.GetSystem( i-1)

	If (b.Visible) and (b.ChildPopulation > PopLimit) Then

		'info display
		sector.RenderMessageBig = "Exporting 2D Maps"
		sector.RenderMessageSmall = CStr(i) & " / " & CStr(n)

		'create a new sector object, export to it a 10ly submap of main sector, export the new sector,
		'and then free it
		sector.selectbody b
		expsector = CreateSector()
		sector.CreateSubmapFromSelected expsector, MapDistance, MapShape
		expsector.Export2D SavePath & b.Name & ".png", ColorMode, ShowRoutes, ScaleZ, ShowGrids, FontScale, SystemScale, ImageSize, Orientation
		FreeObject expsector
		ExpCount = ExpCount + 1
	End If
	If ExpCount > ExpLimit Then Exit For


Be sure to change the output path in the script, and to review the settings before running the plugin.

To run this plugin, save as a file named '2DExport.AstroScript" in the /Plugins directory (where Astro3 is installed). Open or create a sector, and select the plugin in the Plugins menu to run it.


  • I've got the newest Astrosynthesis, but I get a compiler error when I run this script (as well as the modified version I mentioned in my thread).

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