Can't Get Attributte Generator & Modifyer Working.

I'm having trouble making an IPP generate Attributes for a character from the Maid RPG.

A quick summary of the
1.)In Maid for a Maid character attributes are ((2D6)/2) with fractions being rounded down. 6 different Attributes are generated.
2.) A modifier to the attribute is added after the type of Maid is generated.
3.) The type of Maid is generated by rolling 1D6 and using the generated value to see wich Type of the Maid the character is on a table.
4.) A +1 or a -1 may be added or subtracted to an Attribute based on the Type of Maid the player rolled. If this makes the Attribute go bellow 0 the attribute is changed to 0.
5.) The player then rolls on numerous random tables to generate other details about the character. Many of the Tables have sub-tables. (This I can do easily to get to work with IPP, but I did have to modify how the tables look as they are similar to those in the Toon game in the rule book.)
6.) The highest Attribute is found and a 1D6 roll is made on a Power Table that corresponds to that Attribute to determine the Maid's Power. If two or more attributes are tied for highest the player crosses. If the Total of all Attributes is 9 or less the player can choose two Powers.
7.) Player chooses name and age.

I don't think I can do 6 above with IPP, but I can make the Attributes work.

I don't think Id on't understanding conditionals and variables right,

So far I'm just trying to get it to generate and modify 1 attribute. This is what I've got so far. I'm not printing the made color and Special Quality table as those work perfectly.

Table: Maid Character
Set: BaseAthletics=={floor{{2d6}/2}}
Set: AthleticsMaidTypeMOD==0
Name: [@Maid_Color] [@Maid_Type] [@Maid_Special_Quality]
[when] {$FinalAthletics} < 0 [do] {!FinalAthletics==0} [end]
Name: [Base Athletics] $BaseAthletics [Final Athletics] $FinalAthletetics

Table: Maid_Type
Type: Lookup
1: [Lolita Luck +1 Athletics -1 Childish, young, innocent, cute, sweet] {!AthleticsMaidTypeMOD==-1}
2: [Sexy Cunning +1 Will -1 Charming, coquettish, womanly body, glamorous]
3: [Pure Affection +1 Cunning -1 Pure, maidenly, clean, fragile]
4: [Cool Skill +1 Affection -1 Composed, expressionless, unflappable, doll-like] {!AthleticsMaidTypeMOD==1}
5: [Boyish Athletics +1 Skill -1 Wild, energetic, vigorous, at first glance looks like a boy.]
6: [Heroine Will +1 Luck -1 Earnest, single-minded, tries her very best.]

Other comments I have in the text information for each made type text listing the attribute modifiers so to help with seeing if I can get to generate Attributes.
I'm listing abase attribute and modified one to help check and see that it cab generate one attribute and have it modified correctly without problems, before I pout the other 5 in it.

Any help on how to get IPP to Generate ^& mollify a character's attributes?


  • So I understand... what you are trying to do is find out which attribute has the highest value, correct?

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