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Hi and great program by the way. I bought it some time ago but just found time to play with it.

Is it possible to add another dictionary in the text editor? My native tongue is french so i would appreciate such a feature.




  • Yes, The Keep uses the same spellchecking library as OpenOffice and FireFox, so there's many dictionaries available.

    See this article for how to add new spell checking dictionaries:
  • Sorry for being dense, but after cheking out the openoffice dictionaries, all i'm able to get from the site your referenced are .OXT files. No Dic or aff files:)

    I know i'm doing something wrong right?

  • It looks like some of them are distributed as OpenOffice Extensions rather than just separate dictionary files. But you can still get at them!

    Download the .oxt file, and then rename it with an extension of .zip. OpenOffice uses the zip format as a way to distribute files that contain multiple files within them - it just calls them .oxt files. Once you've renamed the files to .zip, you can open it like any other zip file and extract the .dic and .aff files!
  • That last post did the trick for me. Zipped them and voilà. A nice french dictionary.

    Thanks a lot.


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