AS Compatible with Win8 64-bit?

When I try to install the recent upgrade to AS, I got a missing sqlite3.dll error. I found copy and placed it in the folder where I saved the new copy of AS. That got me past the sqlite3.dll error, but gave me a missing assimp32.dll

The prior updates, Astro201dInstall and Astro301aInstall.nbo305 seem to have worked fine, even on my Win8 box.

Is there an issue with the new version not being compatible with Win8?


  • OK, disregard.

    I either misread or misunderstood the downloand intructions.

    I saved it to where I had saved the prior INSTALL files, not the executable. I copied it to my executable folder and it looks to work fine.

  • Correct, the latest beta on nox is just the main executable. It needs to be copied over into the existing Astro3 program directory, replacing the existing Astro3.exe.

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