[Update] AstroSynthesis 3.01c Update Available

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A new (non-beta) update to AstroSynthesis, v3.01c, is available. You can grab it by selecting Help -> Check for Updates from Astro's main menu. Or, you can download an update installer here:


If you had previously downloaded the 3.01c beta, I'd recommend running the update installer because a few additional files have changed (notably, the sql definition for the database structures in astrodb files, and there's a new auto-updater).

[Added] Astro will add an additional database index to the sector file to help speed up file loading of sectors that have a lot of System Data Fields manually configured.
[change] Astro3.exe is now signed with NBOS Software's digital signature.
[fixed] Bug on 2D export that allowed 'export with x distance of selected' to be selected even if no systems were selected, leading to a hang.
[added] Added "CreateSector()" API function, which returns a new, in-memory sector map.
[changed] Some improvements to searching speed when searching based on habitability, population, and several other properties.
[added] Search integration into the scripting API for performing searches in scripts.
[added] In Sector Generation, you can now assign the name of the sector file to create. This allows Astro to cache sector information to that file as it is being generated, greatly reducing the memory requirements when generating very larger sectors.
[fixed] The Sector Report was not outputting surface maps for planets that had them assigned.
[changed] Speed improvements in sector rendering (reduced floating point precision, optimized certain calculations)
[changed] On 2D export, routes with white lines will be exported as gray in the 'Color, White Background' option
[fixed] Orientation of X/Z and Y/Z 2D Map Exports were not correct
[added] Added a 'Show after creation' check box on the 2D Map Export window
[fixed] Deleted subsectors were not staying deleted.
[fixed] Import Sectors wasnt properly loading sector files.
[Added] The auto-updater itself has been updated.

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