Fractal world explorer

i have been trying to export the Bin file i have created in to 3DEM but to no sucess. Have anyone actualy managed to do so? if so whoud someoen plz guide me thure it as i cant seam to get it to work .


  • Without an actual description of what specifically you are trying to do and what's occurring, there's not much help I can provide.
  • What I'm trying to do is that I start with generating a planet surface then export it to a .bin file and from ther use the 3dem program to import it. Exports to binary files for use in terrain visualization programs.

    3dem is the program refered to in fractal world explorer
    It is a program to generate 3d landscape.
    Just whounder if anyone actually managed it or maby can refer to another type of
    visualization program to use to generate 3d landscapes with.

    Regards Rogtuok
  • Most terrain visualization tools should be able to import the binary files that FWE creates. The files are just raw rows/columns of 16bit or 32bit integers. There's no 'format' - its just a raw data dump. The elevation is in meters. You just need to tell the visualization tool you are using:
    • Which format you used (16bit or 32bit, little-endian)
    • The size of your map (for example, 1440x720)
    • The order the bytes are arranged (rows north to south, cols west to east - think of it as a grid)

    A .bin file created from a map thats 1440x720 in size, using 32bit integers, will thus be (1440 x 720 x 4) bytes in size. Each 4 bytes (32bit) will represent one pixel on the map.

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