Help with running against a table multiple times.

I'm working on a Xenos Generator for Dark Heresy and have most of the generator working however part of the generation process requires that you roll on a Distinctive Features table. You can roll as little or as much as you want. What I would like to do is use a prompt to ask how many times to reference this table and display the results along with the rest of the data but I don't know how to do this. What I have done for the time being is just call the table multiple times as you can see in the code reference below.

How do I use a prompt to tell IPP how many times to run against a table while also displaying the data it generates?
Header: Dark Heresy Xenos Generator
prompt: Form {Bipedal|Animal|Crawler|Avian|Amorphous} Bipedal
prompt: Size {Average|Miniscule|Puny|Weedy|Hulking|Enormous|Massive} Average

Table: XenosGenerator

Set: XWeaponSkill={15+2d10}
Set: XBallisticSkill={15+2d10}
Set: XStrength={15+2d10}
Set: XToughness={15+2d10}
Set: XAgility={15+2d10}
Set: XIntelligence={20+2d10}
Set: XPerception={20+2d10}
Set: XWillpower={20+2d10}
Set: XFellowship={15+2d10}
Set: XWounds={5+1d10}

//Table calls to create the Xenos creature
[@XenosStats&;#93;<br><b>Skills: </b>[@XenosSkills&;#93;<br><br><b>Form: </b>[#{$prompt1} PhysicalForm]<br><br><b>Size: </b>[#{$prompt2} Size]<br><br><b>Classification: </b>[@XenosClassification&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (1): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (2): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (3): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (4): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (5): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;<br><br><b>Features (6): </b>[@DistinctiveFeatures&;#93;

Table: XenosStats

//Stat block generation
<table border="2" bordercolor="#990000" style="background-color:#FFFFCC" width="45%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"><tr><td>WS</td><td>BS</td><td>S</td><td>T</td><td>Ag</td><td>Int</td><td>Per</td><td>Wp</td><td>Fel</td><td>Wounds</td></tr><tr><td>{XWeaponSkill}</td><td>{XBallisticSkill}</td><td>{XStrength}</td><td>{XToughness}</td><td>{XAgility}</td><td>{XIntelligence}</td><td>{XPerception}</td><td>{XWillpower}</td><td>{XFellowship}</td><td>{XWounds}</td></tr></table>

Table: XenosSkills
#skills list
Speak Language (native) (Int)

Table: PhysicalForm
Type: Dictionary
Bipedal: Bipedal - This is the default form for most xenos races. There are no additional benefits or drawbacks for this form.

Animal: Animalistic - This broad category includes most sorts of animals, beasts and other fauna.<br><br><b>Talents:</b> Animalistic xenos have a 25% chance of gaining the Sprint talent.<br><br><b>Traits:</b> The xenos gains the Quadruped trait and has a 50% chance of gaining the Sturdy trait.

Crawler: Crawler - These creatures are worm-like or insectoid. Indigen crawlers will often have no arms or legs, while xenos race crawlers will have manipulative limbs of some sort.<br><br><b>Skills:</b> Crawlers have a 25% chance of gaining the Climb skill.<br><br><b>Traits:</b> These xenos gain the Crawler trait and have a 25% chance of gaining the Burrower trait.

Avian: Avian - These xenos have wings or some other ability to fly.<br><br><b>Characteristics:</b> Reduce the xenos Toughness by 10.<br><br><b>Traits:</b> The xenos has the [|Hoverer|Flier] trait.

Amorphous: Amorphous - Amorphous xenos have formless, ooze-like bodies with no limbs or separate body parts. Xeno races with this form can generate manipulative pseudo-pods from their body mass as needed, and may need technology to communicate vocally.<br><br><b>Characteristics:</b> Increase Toughness by 10.<br><br><b>Skills:</b> The xenos has a 25% chance of having the Climb skill.<br><br>Traits: Amorphous creatures gain Amorphous, Fear 2, Unnatural Senses ({1d10+5} metres), and have a 25% chance of gaining Regeneration.

Table: Size
Type: Dictionary
Miniscule: Miniscule - Gain Miniscule Trait -30 WS, 1 Wound ony, 1/4 S -10 T

Puny: Puny - Gain Puny Trait -20 WS, -6 Wounds, 1/2 S
Weedy: Weedy - Gain Weedy Trait -10 WS, -3 Wounds, -5 S
Average : Average - No bonus or reductions to apply
Hulking: Hulking - Gain Hulking Trait +10 WS +{1d10} Wounds +10 S, +10 T
Enormous: Enormous - Gain Enormous Trait Fear {1d5-2} (min 1), +20 WS +2d10 Wounds +15 S, +15 T, 50% for Unnatural Strength, 50% Unnatural Toughness
Massive: Massive - Gain Massive Trait Fear {1d5}, +30 WS +{4d10} Wounds +20 S, +20 T, 80% for Unnatural Strength, 80% Unnatural Toughness

Table: XenosClassification
01-20: <b>Atavistic</b> - Although evolved to sentiency, these creatures remain closely linked to their biological forbears in physical form. Roll again using the Indigen column, ignoring results of Herd Creature.

21-30: <b>Covert</b> - These creatures culture, or perhaps their biology, focuses on deceit, secrecy and stealth. Increase the creature’s Intelligence and Perception by +10. It gains the Awareness, Concealment, Deceive and Silent Move skills.

31-60: <b>Warlike</b> - This xenos race is highly aggressive, striving to conquer, plunder and destroy. Increase the creature’s Weapon Skill +{1d10}., Ballistic Skill +{1d10}., Strength +{1d10} and Agility +{1d10}. It gains the Awareness skill and has a 25% chance of gaining the Swift Attack talent. Furthermore, it gains two combat-oriented talents or the Natural Weapons Trait (1d10+SB I or R). Warlike xenos races will be habitually well armed and protected.

61-70: <b>Exotic</b> - These creatures are strange and bizarre beyond understanding, with unknowable motivations and blasphemous “otherness”. Increase any two Characteristics by +10. They gain the Fear 1 talent, and take a –20 penalty to Fellowship Tests made to deal with humans. Finally, when rolling for Distinctive Features, roll twice and pick the highest result.

71-80: <b>Feral</b> - This xenos race has a very primitive understanding and use of technology, either because the race is relatively young, or perhaps because it has suffered a catastrophic decline. Modify Characteristics as follows: +{1d10} to Weapon Skill, +{1d10} toStrength, +{1d10} to Toughness and +{1d10} to Perception, and {–1d10} to Intelligence. They gain {+1d10} Wounds and the Athletics, Awareness, Survival and Tracking skills. These xenos tend to only use Primitive gear.

81-90: <b>Avaricious</b> - This race cares only for the acquisition of resources and wealth. They trade (grudgingly) with those that they perceive as strong, and raid and enslave those they see as weak. These creatures increase Ballistic Skill by +{1d10} and Intelligence by +{1d10}. They gain the Awareness, Barter, Evaluate and Deceive skills. Most are likely to carry plentiful weapons and armour as well as trade goods and illicit items, and frequently employ more warlike species as mercenaries.

91-95: <b>Mechanistic</b> - Members of this race have given themselves over to the pursuit of technology and integrated it into their forms. Increase Intelligence by 10 and decrease their Fellowship by 10. These xenos always have at least one implant. They may, at your option, gain the Machine trait.

96-97: <b>Psyker</b> - This entire race has evolved great powers of the mind at the expense of their bodies. Modify these creatures’ Characteristics as follows: Reduce Weapon Skill and Strength by –10 and increase Willpower by +10. In addition, these xenos count as having a Psy Rating of 2 and have three Minor Psychic Powers and two Powers from a single Psychic Discipline (most commonly Telepathy). Finally, these creatures gain the Psyniscience skill.

98-100: <b>Transient Being</b> - Also known as fade-kind, these ghostly species exist at least partly out of phase with reality, although this classification may also be used to create a creature composed of coherent energy. These creatures have the [|Incorporeal|Phase] trait. At your discretion, their passage may be blocked by certain materials or phenomena (such as lead, energy fields etc.) and may have one or more conditions placed on its use.

Table: DistinctiveFeatures
01-10: Heightened Senses - Gain the Heightened Senses talent for [|Sight|Hearing|Smell|Touch|Taste]

11-20: Natural Armor - Gain the Natural Armor {1d5} trait or increase Natural Armor by 2

21-30: Natural Weapons - Gain the Natural Weapons Trait (teeth, claws, horns {1d10}+SB I or R). If the creature already has this talent remove its Primitive quality

31-35: Strong - Increase Strength by {1d10}

36-40: Tough - Increase Toughness by {1d10}

41-45: Fast - Increase Agility by {1d10}

46-50: Durable - Gain {1d10} Wounds

51-55: Night Adaptaion - Gain Dark Sight Trait

56-60: Disturbing - Gain Fear 1 or increase Fear by 1

61-62: Nimble - Gain Dodge Skill and Catfall Talent

63-64: Bio-Shock - Special Attack deals {1d10}+SB-1 E Damage

65-66: Flexible - Gain +10 to Grappling and Climb

67-70: Venemous - Gain Toxic Trait

71-74: Extra Limbs - Gain an extra manipulative limb, the Ambidextrous and Swift Attack talents and +20 to climb tests

75-77: Sustained Life - Creature does not need to breath and can survive for long periods without air or in hazardous environments

78-80: Resistant - Gain the Resistance Poison Talent

81-83: Fearsome - Gain Fear 2 or increase Fear by 2 to a maximum of 5

84-85: Regeneration - Gain the Regeneration Trait

86-87: Breath Weapon - Creature can spew acid, fire or sludge (5m 1d10+TB I or E; S/-/-; unlimited shots). If the creature has no BS then it gains BS {15+2d10}

88-89: Death Frenzy - Gains the Frenzy and Iron Jaw talents and +10 S when it takes Damage equal to half or more of its wounds

90-91: Unaturally Agile - Gain Unnatural Agility trait

92-93: Unaturally Tough - Gain Unnatural Toughness trait

94-95: Unaturally Strong - Gain Unnatiral Strenght trait

96: Warp-Touched - Gain one Mutation

97-98: Acid Blood - If 5 or more Damage or Critical Damage is taken, any adjacent creature is spewed with Corrosive blood dealing (1d10+TB E) Damage ignoring Armor 
Points. This can be Dodged but not Parried. 

99-100: Innate Psyker - Gain Psy Rating of 1 and one minor Psychic Power. 

Table: IndigenClassification
1-20: <b>Herd Creature</b> - Usually grazers, these creatures are often physically large and have developed to suit a nomadic lifestyle. Their main defence is often their physical bulk and strength in numbers, and many stampede when threatened. Increase Toughness by {1d10} and they gain an additional {1d10} Wounds. Herd creatures also gain the Stampede trait, and have a 50% chance of gaining Sturdy, 25% chance of gaining Natural Weapons (horns, 1d10+SB I or R), and a 20% chance of gaining Natural Armour ({1d5} points).

21-30: <b>Darkling</b> - Darklings are xenos that are native to lightless worlds or dwell in lightless environments. Increase their Strength by +{1d10} and Toughness by +{1d10}. They gain the Climb, Awareness and Silent Move skills. They also gain the Blind and Unnatural Sense (30m) traits.

31-60: <b>Predatory</b> - That nature is “red in tooth and claw” is a universal truth, and savage and powerful predatory species abound on many worlds. Increase these creatures’ Weapon Skill by {1d10+10} and Strength by {1d10+10}, and add {1d10} to their Toughness, as well as {1d10} to Agility and {1d10} to Intelligence. These creatures gain the Silent Move and Tracking skills, and have a 50% chance of gaining the Sprint talent. Predatory xenos also gain Dark Sight, Natural Weapons (claws or fangs, 1d10+SB I or R), have a 25% chance of Natural Armour {1d5}, and a 20% chance of being Toxic.

61-70: <b>Carrion Eater</b> - These creatures feast upon the dead and the dying. Natural survivors, they are often very tough and resilient. They increase their Weapon Skill by {1d10} and Toughness by {1d10} gain the Resistance (Poison) talent, Dark Sight trait, and gain a 20% chance of gaining the Toxic trait.

71-80: <b>Arboreal</b> - Some creatures adapt to live above ground in trees, or even in vast forests of massive fungi or razor-sharp stalactites. These arboreal creatures are renowned for their agility and speed. They add +10 to Agility, and gain Acrobatics +20, Climb +20, Dodge and the Catfall and Lightning Reflexes talents.

81-90: <b>Apex</b> - These creatures are at the top of their planets ecology, and are often highly developed and adaptable with few or any natural predators, some may even be on the verge of sentiency. Increase their Intelligence by {1d10} and Fellowship by {1d10}, and their perception by +5. They gain {1d10} additional Wounds, and acquire and any two Talents.

91-95: <b>Warped</b> - When living worlds are exposed to the raw power of the warp, either through being engulfed in a warp storm or by the intervention of the Ruinous Powers, the usual outcome is simply the annihilation of life. Sometimes, however, terrible obscenities that should not be able to live in a rational universe are given form. Warped creatures gain {1d5} Mutations, increase their Strength by {2d10} and Toughness by {2d10}, and gain {1d10} extra Wounds. Reduce their Intelligence by {2d10}. They do not have Fellowship scores. These creatures gain the Frenzy talent and the Fear {1d5} trait.

96-97: <b>Silicate</b> - While much of the life in the known universe has evolved (or sometimes engineered) from broadly the same basic building blocks (carbon, iron, amino acids, etc.), occasionally life forms are encountered with radically different structures. Silicate species are one example of this, bizarre creatures seemingly evolved from “living” crystal or minerals. Silicates reduce their Agility by 10 and cannot swim (or take the Swim skill). They gain Natural Armour {1d5+1}, Unnatural Strength and Unnatural Toughness. They do not suffer Blood Loss, and all Impact and Explosive Critical Damage they take always counts as 5 points higher.

98-100: <b>Gestalt</b> - A gestalt is not a single living being, but a united colony of smaller interdependent creatures formed and operating as a single whole. Gestalts increase their Toughness {by 2d10} and Willpower by {2d10}, reduce their Intelligence by {1d10} and their Fellowship by {2d10}. Gestalt creatures cannot be stunned and may always roll twice (taking the better result) when testing to resist mind controlling or mind influencing effects. When rolling for Distinctive Features for these freakish creatures, roll twice and pick the highest result.


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