Some Dark Heresy generators I've created

I thought I'd share the fruits of my labors lately and provide a link to some Dark Heresy generators I've been working on. Most are complete, there are only two I think that I still need to do serious work on and another that I'd like to further automate if I can figure out a good way to do it.

IPP3 Dark Heresy Generator Files:


  • Hi,

    after seeing these on the official dark heresy forums i'd jumped on the Inspiration Pad Pro and now I'm in process of making a random weapon generator. It basicly, let's you pick it's size/type and it creates generates a weapon along the lines of published ones, but more unique.

    In any case, wanted to contact with you, since you're wokring on dark heresy generators so we can perhaps coordinate or something?

  • Hi,

    can get the files anymore. Could you please post them again.


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