IPP 3 opens in Firefox instead of Console (more info)

So I've loaded IPP 3 on my Windows XP laptop and everytime I click on a generator, It opens the results in Firefox instead of IPP 3. Anyone know how to make sure that the results go to the IPP results window?

Here's what I know. The program tries to create a results window called TableResults.htm which my computer then tries to open using Firefox (my default browser). I have went into Control Panel -> Folders -> File Types and changed the .htm file extension to open with IE and TextPad and the results then go to those two programs. I cannot changed it to Inspiration Pad, but I can delete it. When I do, it still tries to open in Firefox. I have also installed it on a work laptop running Win 7, and it works fine there. I've also loaded to an SD card, which works fine when used in the work laptop, but tries to open it in another program on my laptop.

I'm sure there is some setting, program, or service running on my laptop that interferes with IPP getting the results.

The results window in IPP says:

Navigation to the webpage was canceled

What you can try:
Retype the address.

Also, I had IPP 2 on my laptop when I loaded 3. Two worked fine, so I thought I'd uninstall 2 to see if that would fix 3. That didn't help. Loaded 2 again today and that version works fine (Then downloaded 2.5 beta, but that produced the same results as 3).

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Just to confirm... are you clicking on the .ipt file, and THAT is trying to open with firefox? Or are you clicking on the .htm file? (which should be opening in firefox or other browser)
  • I am clicking on the .ipt file and it opens IPP 3, but the results open in Firefox with an error in the results window in IPP. Also the information on the cancelled page load references "res://ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm#C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Application Data\NBOS\Inspiration Pad Pro\TableResults.htm"

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