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I am a writer and artist for Arcanum Syndicate, a new company and we design roleplaying games. I've been using ScreenMonkey Lite to run my game Chaos 6010 A.D. for a few months now. We love the simplicity of it, that only the GM has to download it, and it really gets the job done as far as a VTT goes. I thank you for your design and talent in it's creation.

There have been a few times in which I run my game at night and the site RPG Life goes down. This seriously disrupts our whole universe lol. Is there anyway that we can take care of this problem if RPG Life crashes again? Im not a programer and possess very basic computer skills. Is there anyway we can possibly host ScreenMoney from my site or at least a way for players to join a game I am hosting through my site? What would it take to make this happen?

Like I said we love Screen Monkey as well. We love running our games from it and do it often. Also, I see that there is one artist VShane? Is there any way I could offer my artistic services for creating things for NBOS?

Thank you for your time.



  • Hi Rogue,

    Yes, there's a couple ways of doing that. What it sounds like is you want to host the game announcements on your website so that if RPGLife is unreachable, players can still find your computer.

    The easiest way to do it is to sign up with one of the free dynamic dns services like What that will do is give you a domain name something like '', which will point to your computer. As your computer's ip address changes, the dynamic dns software (they're just small, unobtrusive programs you run on your PC) will update the records online, so that your computer can always be found. Then your players can just bookmark that url and always be able to find your game.

    The other way is using the commercial version of SM, which allows you to post game annoucements to your own site. But, that does require some programming on the web site end of things to know what to do when SM makes an announcement.

    Regarding artwork, certainly, please do send a link (to the support address) to an online portfolio and a description of the type of art you're best at/experience. I dont have any immediate needs but if your style matches a particular project in the future I'll drop you a line. Also, if you have background images, mini's, etc, that are your own work, you're welcome to upload them to the file sharing area ( Email the support address if you need a regcode to login there.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for the information and the hasty response. It will help greatly and take away some stress if it happens again.

    This link is to my game website Chaos 6010 A.D. It will take you directly to my gallery. Many of the pictures are background art made on computer programs and the others are pencil and ink. I would like to create my own miniatures for ScreenMonkey as well to fit some of the alien races I possess in 6010. As well, it would just be fun making the boards to play on. Hope to talk to you soon and thanks again.

  • Also, another artist that is working with us is Adam. A better artist than myself, he has some work shown on my website in the forums here ... p=241#p241 Once again thanks for the help.


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